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ERBE DI MONTAGNA: healthy food from healthy ingredients

Erbe di Montagna is a small family business specialized in processing medical and culinary herbs

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Erbe di Montagna: the know-how about herbs

Erbe di montagna (literally: “Mountain’s herbs) is a family-run company established by Samanta Baghino and Simone Braguzzi, both Chemist, who works along a young and motivated team in order to process, blend and pack medical and culinary herbs, spices, teas, herbal teas and Italian risotto.

The tasty and healthy products by Erbe di Montagna

The company is located in the unique landmarks of Pianfei, a small town surrounded by the Alpes Maritimes in the Southwest of Piedmon region. It is places in a restores farmhouse, where the whole production takes place according to a strict quality-check on every aspects, from the selection of raw materials to the final processing.

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