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Piedmont at its finest, on your tables

Passion sharing the taste of tradition
Lunch is ready!

We are pleased to invite you to something that sounds familiar, like a good fragrance coming from the kitchen. Sit down at our table and we'll tell you a little 'us.

Two determined guys from Cuneo, Adriano and Francesco, supporters of the genuine cuisine and affordable quality, founded ItsGOOD. Our idea promotes Piedmont's wine and food, precisely at a time when the crisis has given up the good food. We believe it's important that everyone has the opportunity to feed himself in a genuine way and without losing the great Italian culinary tradition.

ITsGOOD is not simply a portal, but a basket from which you can bring on your tables, as well as selected regional foods and wines, emotions and ideas, able to give added value to each meal. As a good wine does, to clarify.

So, as our logo, with a few but incisive strokes, we redraw the map of eating made in Italy, wishing to Italian families to never lose the fun of being with the one they love.

The value of the Italian taste

We are supporters of a great culinary tradition



The rich and delicious fragrance of the sauce that invades your house, ready to capture your senses and that makes you dip the bread into his warm heart.

The most simple and tasty recipe of Italian cuisine is for ItsGOOD the symbol of our philosophy: to offer good quality products, prepared with love and patience. Just taste them, sitting all together around a table set for the soul and for the palate. Because food is sharing, it's tradition to be passed down generation after generation; it's a moment of sociability and warmth.It is known that if you want to prepare a unique recipe, the first ingredient is to know to do well spending: as a matter of fact, the ItsGOOD products have a food traceability that certifies their most important value, integrity.


We are for Sunday lunches and candlelit dinners. We are for Flanders tablecloths or for the red and white chequered ones.

But above all we are for the exchange of ideas that nourish the mind, for the warmth that comes from the desire to be together, united by the taste of good food.

Because when an Italian family meets the genuine taste of our products the perfect union comes.




Have you ever noticed how certain concepts you explain better if expressed in dialect?

That's because the real strength of a country is in its history. And since even the food is an expression of our culture, we choose Italian family farms, which daily strive to offer the best of products linked to the flavours and colours of their land.

Because tradition is not something inherited, but you have to conquer it day by day.


Raise his fork if you really think that Italian cuisine is the best. 

It is a national talent that every day gives the best of itself in the kitchen of Italian families and as such must be respected and helped to express itself. We ItsGOOD support the culinary creativity of our country from the basis, offering only good and genuine ingredients.

Because the colours and unique flavours of our dishes combined with typically Italian creativity, make appreciate around the world our inimitable Italian style. A great attitude held in one word, Italianness.




Tradition doesn't change but evolves.

Producers working with ItsGOOD have the desire to take a challenge and the ambition to get the quality of their products on every table. Their family tradition is a source of inspiration to grow and improve, because they are aware that in order to conquer the palate of more people as possible, passion isn't enough.

For this every day they spice their experience with a touch of innovation.  

La famiglia di ITsGOOD

Impegno e dedizione per portare ogni giorno genuinità e qualità.

Adriano Giordana

Founder | CEO

Da sempre curiosità ed intraprendenza sono le doti che lo caratterizzano in ambito lavorativo e personale. Crede fortemente dei valori fondamentali della famiglia ed è promotore di iniziative sociali a livello locale e nazionale. Un inguaribile ottimista ed entusiasta di natura.


Francesco Degioanni

Charter Member and Co-Founder

Amo condurre i miei sforzi lavorativi in attività creative e fantasiose, essendo un nemico giurato della noia e della banalità. Innovatore responsabile, legato alla tradizione e alla cultura, unisco passione implacabile a selettività estrema, per una cucina che rimanga scolpita nelle menti di chi osa.


Emanuela Giordana


Ama la semplicità, che coniuga perfettamente con la precisione e l’efficacia del suo lavoro quotidiano nell’azienda di famiglia. Appassionata di benessere e sana alimentazione. Risoluta e decisa, non scende a compromessi. Ma non dimentica mai di sorridere.


Paola Giordana

Sales & Logistics Assistant

Appassionata fin da piccola del buon cibo e della cucina di qualità, è incuriosita dalle novità e dalle idee innovative, senza mai perdere di vista le sue tradizioni e la sua origine piemontese.

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