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Dendelion Honey - Gr. 1000

l'ape d'oc
Weight in g

Origin: Gaiola (Cuneo). Colour: amber. Taste: a balanced aroma which reminds to the cherry jam, to the "amaretto" and to the almond. Crystallization: the crystallization arises a pasty mass, with light crystals.

ENJOY THE BEST QUALITY OF DANDELION HONEY Honey that is lemon-yellow in colour with a tendency to crystallise and with a doughy/creamy consistency. The scent is marked, pungent, vinous/marshy, the flavour is intense, the aroma is often perceived as fresh, similar to chamomile infusion, persistent. It is intended for an amateur audience. Pleasant spread on bread or toast to accompany breakfast.

♥ ORGANIC PRODUCT OF THE FAMILY TRADITION The commitment and goal of the producer L'Ape D'Oc is to produce quality honeys that correspond to the typical mono-floral characteristics. The passion for bees and honey has increased with the knowledge of this wonderful world. Since 2011 the company has been certified ORGANIC, Controlled Operator I1541 ICEA Organic Certificate.

♥ PRODUCTION AREA Produced in the Municipality of Cuneo, in the apiary located in the locality of S. Anselmo in the Gesso and Stura river park area or in the apiary located in the Municipality of Demonte (CN). It comes from the nectar of the dandelion flowers that grow wild in the meadows in April.

Our honey is not microfiltered, blended or pasteurised. No antibiotics or chemical molecules used in conventional production are used.

♥ GIVING YOU THE BEST IS OUR PRIORITY We strive to give you the best, the production is taken care of with great attention. For this reason the production is limited; in some months the dandelion honey will not be available for sale.

Honey: dandelion blossoms.

15,45 €


L’APE D’OC:  honey from Piedmont mountain flowers

L’Ape D’Oc produces honey in Demonte, located in Stura Valley, and it’s  a "High Mountain Honeys" Slow Food Presidium.

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Delicious spread on bread or toast at breakfast. 

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