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Tea Selections 11 Flavours 22 Filters - 30 g

valverbe cooperativa
Weight in g

For people who love herbal teas, Valverbe proposes a Tea Selection with 22 filters and 11 Assorted Infusions.

This selection contains:

- 2 Filters Black Tea & Vanilla

- 2 Filters Liquorice Tea

- 2 Filters Tilia & Orange Flowers

- 2 Filters Lemon & Ginger

- 2 Filters After Dinner Tea

- 2 Filters Fit Draining Herbal Tea

- 2 Filters Evening Tea

- 2 Filters Echinacea Mountain Herbal Tea

- 2 Filters Bilberry & Raspberry Infusion

- 2 Filters Wild Strawberry & Blackcurrant Herbal Tea

- 2 Filters Rooibos Citrus Fruits & Spices Tea

Filters are made with organic cotton yarn and do not contain any metal inserts.

BLACK TEA & VANILLA: Black tea (from fair trade) leaves 95%, Vanilla pods 5%. LIQUORICE TEA: Liquorice root 40%, fennel seeds, peppermint. LIME & ORANGE TEA: Sweet orange fruit, hawthorn, lime flowers and bract 20%, sweet orange leaves, sweet orange flowers 3%. LEMON & GINGER: Lemon 65%, ginger 35%. AFTER DINNER TEA: Sage leaves, Rosemary aerial parts, Lemon peel. FIT DRAINING HERBAL TEA: Spiraea tips, birch leaves, dandelion leaves, peppermint leaves, hibiscus flowers, pineapple whole fruit, natural pineapple flavouring. EVENING TEA: Lemon balm leaves, Basil leaves, Lavender flowers. ECHINACEA MOUNTAIN HERBAL TEA: Echinacea flower tips 12.5% and roots 12.5%, pine leaves, rose hip berries, hibiscus flowers, mountain thyme leaves, peppermint leaves, genepy flowers. BILBERRY & RASPBERRY INFUSION: Rose hip berries, strawberry leaves, Elder berries, hibiscus flowers, bilberry berries 10%, bilberry leaves 8%, raspberry leaves 3%, natural raspberry flavouring 4%. WILD STRAWBERRY & BLACKCURRANT HERBAL TEA: Hibiscus flowers, strawberry leaves 25%, blackcurrant leaves 25%, rose hip fruit, natural strawberry flavouring. ROOIBOS CITRUS FRUITS & SPICES TEA: Rooibos leaves 75%, cinnamon bark, ginger root, lemon rind, orange rind.

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VALVERBE COOPERATIVA: ready-to-taste officinal and aromatic herbs

The Valverbe cooperativa combines an old herbal tradition with state-of-the-art production technologies.

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