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The Erbaluna farm: organic wine from the hills of the Langa

At La Morra, in the heart of Cuneo’s Langa, the Oberto brothers have converted their family’s vineyards to organic farming to foster as much as can be a natural contact with their land.

Once upon a time

Erbaluna: a tradition fully respectful of nature

In 1985 the brothers Andrea and Severino Oberto took over the reins of their family farm, which has a long winegrowing tradition. They combine classical wine-making methods with state-of-the-art techniques, never losing sight of organic requirements. Low-impact spraying has replaced chemical pesticides. Only natural fining agents are used in this winery. Every phase of the wine-making process is certified by the ICEA (Institution for Ethical and Environmental Certification), in strict compliance with the rules and regulations governing this industry.

The features of the wines of the Erbaluna winery

15 hectares (37 acres) of prime land surround the family’s winery. The soil is mostly clayey and has some layers of sandstone. These properties, along with a painstaking care for the vines, combine to confer Erbaluna’s wines a remarkable structure which persists over time.

The selection

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