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Agrimontana: the yummy side of fruit

Agrimontana is located in Borgo San Dalmazzo, in the province of Cuneo, where it produces its unmistakable candied fruit, its mouth-watering preserves and the true Piedmontese Maron

Once upon a time

A leader in the candied fruit industry

From a keen fascination for fruit to research on processing and transformation techniques: that is how Agrimontana, a leader company in the candied fruit industry came to be in 1972. It is above all known for its specialty, the “Marrone Piemontese” (Piedmontese Maron), which it supplies to the best pastry and ice-cream masters. The carefully selected, outstanding quality of raw materials goes hand in hand with artisanal know-how, the outcome of in-depth studies on processing for each of the ingredients.

Preserves, marons, candied fruits: good and healthy

Whether it be candied fruits, marons, jellies, preserves or fruit pickles, low impact processing enhances the genuineness of savours, whilst modern means of preserving and packaging guarantee these products retain their freshness over time. Thanks to the use of these techniques no artificial additives are needed: Agrimontana believes “good” and “healthy” are one and the same thing.

The selection

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